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  • Explorer is a quite heat-pump water heater equipped with ACI hybrid anti-corrosive protection to ensure optimum energy savings.
  • Easy to install, transport, and operate, Explorer has adjustable air inlet, outlet, and feet. Compatible with four different types of energy, Explorer brings hot water for the whole family!
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Explorer hot water heat pump BENEFITS

  • This water heater is highly flexible due to its ability to produce hot water with four different types of energy (heat pump, electric back-up, boiler and solar).
  • Explorer ensures comfort through a wide temperature range of use (-5 to +43 °C) while maintaining a household friendly noise level (only 53 dB(a)).
  • User-friendly with its digital control panel and adjustable air inlet, outlet, and feet, Explorer is easy to set up and suitable for all outdoor or indoor installations.
  • The new digital control panel shows day to day programming, different modes selection, and daily energy consumption.
  • Thanks to the large optimized coil for fast heating adapted for low temperature devices, Explorer ensures up to 75 percent energy savings!
  • The Smart energy consumption control and CFC-free insulation around tank guarantee that this water heater does not waste any energy.
  • The Photovoltaic mode automatically allows to chooses solar energy to produce a stock of hot water maximising self consumption (Set temperature lower during the night)

Atlantic Explorer Features:

  • ACI hybrid anti-corrosive protection
  • Steatite technology (ceramic dry heating element)
  • diamond-quality enamel lining the inner tank
  • a pressure relief valve which provides safety if any malfunctions or pressure rise
  • a dielectric union preventing corrosion
  • a specific lip gasket preventing rust around the flange
  • With a new R513A gas, this heat pump water heater is environmentally friendly.


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    Size : 1,668 kB

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