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Fitted with double tank Steatite technology and high-efficiency water inlet, Vertigo Steatite is a powerful and reliable domestic water heater. Its premium flat design and multi-position installation make it perfect to blend into smaller 1-2 bedroom homes and apartments.

Its electronic thermostat ensures accurate temperature control and guarantees energy savings.

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Atlantic Vertigo Benefits

The Vertigo Steatite saves energy and space in the home, while maintaining compatibility with all types of water, even the most aggressive!

With multi-position installation with premium flat design, the Vertigo Steatite fits both vertically and horizontally in confined spaces. It is quite easy to install with wall mounting plates and drilling template.

Its useful boost function ensures fast water heating so you can take a new shower in less than 30 minutes! *Not available for Vertigo Steatite 25 litre

Atlantic Vertigo Features

The Vertigo Steatite ensures quality and durability with these features:

  • Diamond-quality enamel lining the inner tank
  • TPR valve to provide safety if any malfunctions or pressure rise
  • Magnesium anode for increased tank protection
  • Dielectric union preventing corrosion
  • Specific lip gasket preventing rust around the flange

The Vertigo Steatite is IP 24 compliant, in accordance with the New Zealand standards for electrical safety and user protection.

With four capacities (25, 40, 65 and 80 L), Vertigo Steatite matches everyone’s needs, from a single individual to a small family.

Thanks to an intuitive user-friendly digital interface with fast modes selection knob, Vertigo Steatite is quite easy to operate.

The Vertigo Steatite is eco-friendly with a CFC-free insulation foam, whereas the smart control system, high-efficiency water inlet, and high-density insulation ensure energy savings!


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    Atlantic Vertigo Steatite PDF

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    Atlantic Vertigo Installation Guide 2021

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